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The book "A cold wind" is a work of fiction and is not intended to be a true representation of any military unit created in England. that's what the author says and he's sticking to it!
All names, places events and scenario's are the work of the authors vivid imagination. You have to believe that because  if even half of this incredible story is true then you'll never trust anyone ever again.

The author, Mark Caplan is a university lecturer in Germany (an Englishman in Baden) and is married with four children; his eldest following the family tradition and being a member of Her Majesty's armed forces at present serving thousands of miles away.
He is security adviser to one of the world's largest IT companies and synergy consultant to several companies in Germany as well as teaching at Schöck international in Baden-Baden

So secretly, like wrongs hushed up they went.
They were not ours; we never heard to which front these were sent
Wilfred Owen

Although this work should only be taken as a work of fiction part of the proceeds of book sales will be donated to charities dealing with ex-servicemen who have been unable to adjust to civilian life. The links on this site to such charities are not intended to imply any relationship or endorsement of this site by such charities.